2017 World's 50 Most Innovative Companies

  1. Amazon: For offering even more, even faster and smarter

  2. Google: For developing a photographic memory

  3. Uber: For accelerating autonomous driving

  4. Apple: For baking in its advantages

  5. Snap: For bringing crackle and pop to a new way of seeing the world

  6. Facebook: For launching the right ads at the right moment

  7. Netflix: For making surfing fun again

  8. Twilio: For giving apps a voice

  9. Chobani: For stirring it up in the grocery store

  10. Spotify: For enticing artists with data

  11. Alibaba: For creating new hubs for commerce

  12. Tencent: For reinventing messaging, again

  13. Xiaomi: For elevating hardware design

  14. BBK Electronics: For igniting new smartphone markets

  15. Huawei: For iterating fast

  16. Dalian Wanda: For staging its own dream factory

  17. Airbnb: For putting a world of experiences at our fingertips

  18. Buzzfeed: For feeding a viral fever

  19. Open Whisper Systems: For bringing secure communication to the masses

  20. Illumination Entertainment: For creating a monster out of a Minion

  21. IBM: For embedding Watson where it's needed most

  22. Vivint Smart Home: For opening the door to the connected home of the future

  23. Slack: For fighting drudge work with bots

  24. Glossier: For collaborating with customers to create cult cosmetics

  25. Kenzo: For ripping up the seams of fashion marketing

  26. Clique Media Group: For parlaying fashion advice into retail gold

  27. Hypebeast: For uniting sneakerheads into a lucrative demographic

  28. RewardStyle: For giving influencers a must-have accessory

  29. GoFundMe: For finding the value in good deeds

  30. TaskRabbit: For making work

  31. Microsoft: For building new worlds in the classroom

  32. Orbital Insight: For seeing the big picture in satellite imagery

  33. One Medical: For changing the face of primary care

  34. Farmers Business Network: For cultivating a new hybrid of data and agriculture

  35. Adobe: For pushing creativity to the cloud

  36. Casper: For making money in our sleep

  37. Thinx: For turning periods into exclamation points

  38. Resy: For feeding our desire to be VIP diners

  39. Marriott: For prioritizing loyalty

  40. Medtronic: For streamlining diabetes care

  41. Nvidia: For powering the future

  42. Pledge 1%: For seeding early-stage philanthropy

  43. The Home Depot: For growing without building

  44. Headspace: For giving us all a much-needed moment of Zen

  45. Related Companies: For creating a thrilling new West Side story

  46. Celmatix: For forecasting fertility

  47. MailChimp: For giving little guys the marketing savvy of an 800-pound gorilla

  48. Beyond Meat: For exceeding beefy expectations

  49. Simplify Networks: For sharing wireless by the byte

  50. Drone Racing League: For speeding into the mainstream

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